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The Necessary Evils Of Life

Our live is like twin circle. At one loop some one will be teaching you and you will be gaining first hand information. But, in the second loop, you will be the one who will be teaching someone else. This is like a never ending circle of life. People will enjoy the benefits from someone else but when it’s their turn to do the same they run away. People are scared of responsibilities. In this world, with everyone having different life choices and dreams, it will be hard to do the same thing. 

There are few necessary evils in life. These may end being a good dream come true or a worst nightmare cometo life but you will have to of course have these or get these necessary evils done at least in life.

Live alone and learn to be independent

Yes, you will have to move our of your parents house and live alone. Living alone will give a sense oresponsibility. You can also start your own self managed super fund which would make you feel controlled about your life. You will also learn to play with the reality of world. You will understand that life is not a game where mistakes can be rectified. It’s like a one time game in which you can never roll the same dice twice for the same turn. Once you let the dice roll, you will have to face the consequences of it.

Get different jobs and try your luck at it

When you have finally finished studying and you are searching for a job, everyone would give you many advices by a financial advisor Windsor. Hear them, analyse them and then apply them to your life in your own time and ways. When you are applying for the job of your dreams and qualifications, you can also keep working at the company you were working or get a small insignificant job. Being employed some ways is better than being unemployed. It would also increase you’d experiences list in your curriculum vitae.

Get married

You should not get a tried because you should get married or you are turning 30. You should get married because it is the girl or guy you wish to spend the rest of your life with. Yes, there are imposters and bad apples out there. You might think I should never get married. But it does not work that way. You will need a companion. Someone who will love, understand and tolerate you. Someone who would live with you and love you despite knowing all your flaws. It may sound like the hardest decision of life which it is. But, with the right person at right time, it will be the best thing happened to you. At last do not forget the principles of reproduction. You should have a baby. It is like a symbol of your love for the person. It is up to you. But the evolutionary reason of our existence is to just reproduce and ensure the continuity of the species in this world.